Dahlqvist Kommunikation will take on new role in Team Rynkeby

Dahlqvist Kommunikation PR-bureau Aarhus

Dahlqvist Kommunikation has been the lead agency in developing one of the world’s strongest charity and social cycling events, Team Rynkeby, since 2013.

It has been an amazing and exciting journey to help build a small cycle team from Funen into an international charity success, which currently engages over 2,600 volunteer enthusiasts across 58 teams in eight countries. Over the years, Dahlqvist Kommunikation has not only communicated donations of almost half a billion Danish kroner to critically ill children, written more than 1,000 news stories about the project, and overseen several hundred Danish and international press stories. The agency has also managed the project’s communication strategy and worked purposefully to secure Team Rynkeby’s position as one of Europe’s strongest and most exposed charity brands, amongst other things.

By the end of September, however, the Team Rynkeby Foundation will change its lead agency and Dahlqvist Kommunikation will take on a smaller role. I therefore want to extend my sincere congratulations on the task to Anders Damgaard and the rest of the KommPress team, and good luck with the continued development of Team Rynkeby’s communication – I look forward to the collaboration. You see, I am not completely letting go of Team Rynkeby. I have recently signed an agreement with the Team Rynkeby Foundation in Denmark on a targeted, Danish communication effort to strengthen the Team Rynkeby brand at home, where it all started almost 20 years ago – through efforts such as Dahlqvist Kommunikation’s core services; public and press relations, opinion leadership and a more general journalistic, content production.

There is no doubt that Team Rynkeby has been an important part of Dahlqvist Kommunikation in recent years, and that is a gap that needs to be filled. I will therefore be looking for new opportunities in the near future, and I look forward to starting the ones already here. If you would like more information on how Dahlqvist Kommunikation can help strengthen your business through:

  • Communication strategy
  • PR and press relations
  • Opinion leadership
  • Content marketing

…let’s have coffee.

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